Sunday, 19 July 2009

Holly's weekend of adventure - Day 2

I am knackered. And FAR TOO HOT! Being a tourist in 34 degrees with 40% humidity in some of the busiest areas of Tokyo really takes it out of you... So this post will be short and sweet as I desperately need to go to bed if I'm going to make it out and about all day tomorrow too - I'll need another weekend to recover from this weekend!

Met up with a guy who works for RBS in Singapore today and spent the day walking around with him and his two kids. We dotted in and out of shops in Harajuku and Shibuya before heading to Akihabara to meet one of the guys who works for RBS here and his kids. And guess what I spotted in a shop window in Shibuya:

That's right, it's A CUBIC WATERMELON!!!! And it's an absolute steal at £100...

We all endured the heat until about 4, at which point we all headed our separate ways to shower and relax for a bit. I then met up with them later on at another colleagues house for dinner. His flat is on the 15th floor of the Moto Azubu Hills building - an amazing new tower in Roppongi with outstanding views over the whole of the south-east of Toyko, towards Yokohama. The flat was stunning (I still haven't got over how amazing his view is!) and the food was delicious.The conversation was pretty enlightening too - those guys really hate Sir Fred! One of them actually told everyone what a joke he thought Goodwin was a few years back, but just got laughed at. They're not laughing so much now... Honestly, they think Goodwin should be in prison for what he did and I couldn't help but agree with them on that one. Some of the stories they told me about him were hilarious, and not in a good way!

I'm going to have to head back to Harajuku and Shibuya next Sunday as, because I was with other people (one of whom is a potential employer...), I felt obliged to do what they wanted and didn't manage to go to half the shops I wanted to or check out the Harajuku girls!! The Shibuya girls are amazing too but for different reasons: they are ridiculously beautiful and have amazing style. Almost every second girl is wearing a straw trilby at the moment and I'm so going to have to get one too! I love Japanese girls' dress sense; they all look so glamourous compared to people my age at home.

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