Thursday, 23 July 2009

I'm such a pie

Half of what I write here is about food! When ever I go on holiday with my family, all we do is go out to eat and then take photos of the food. So I have a reputation to maintain whilst I'm in Japan; I couldn't let my family down.

Here is yesterday's lunch:

It was a pot of rice, topped with chopped spring onions (negi) and thinly sliced pork that had been boiled with ginger and onions. It was so tasty! The wee chain that sells it is apparently quite famous as they specially import the spring onions from Kyoto. I was told that the negi is the best in Japan - I'd go as far as to say the best in the world, it was that good.

I'd snacked all evening at the embassy so on my way home I picked up a few wee things to tide me over until I woke up for breakfast:

The wee dish of chopped raw vegetables was too cute to say no to (they turned out to have been generously doused in vinegar, which I strongly dislike, so were basically inedible...) and a salmon-filled o-nigiri were exactly what I needed.

The credit desk all got treated to Indian take-out for lunch today, courtesy of one of the brokers they deal through. It wasn't as good as Indian food at home, but very tasty (and free!) all the same. We'd ordered enough to feed a small army, so I decided to get a bento for my tea as I was too full to eat out.

It consisted of rice, a big fillet of salty salmon, pickles, aubergine and a bit of fried chicken. Hidden under the salmon were some pickled vegetables of some sort, a bit of tamago (Japanese omelette), a mushroom and a bit of lotus root (renkon).

I got all of this from little take-out stands or foodhalls underneath all the buildings in the financial district. There is so much to choose from and it's all so cheap! Lunch times are NEVER going to be boring :)

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