Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Not long to go now

It's only 3 days until I fly out to Tokyo. It's kind of crept up on me actually - I seem to have gone from feeling like I had lots of time until I left to thinking, "OhmygodI'mleavingonSaturday!!!!" I am torn between being extremely excited and feeling a sort of nervous anticipation, but with an overwhelming sense that I'm not even slightly ready. To be honest though, I probably couldn't be more ready if I tried. I am as prepared as I'll ever be (and it's too late to start preparing anything else now anyway!).

I've got my visa, some yen, a semi-packed suitcase and an incredibly basic grasp of how to ask for stuff in Japanese. I don't yet have enough little gifts to take out with me, a complete set of documents that RBS still need, any idea of how to get to my apartment (or get my keys for that matter...) and any clue of the kind of work I'l be doing when I get there! I think that pretty much explains my mixed feelings.

On the other hand, I've had loads of fantastic advice from people who have visited or lived in Japan and am now thinking that 8 weeks is not nearly enough time to do/see everything that I want to. Then again, I do have to keep reminding myself that I will actually have to work when I'm out there, so will really only have the weekends free. I cannot wait!

Depending on how much running around I'm doing on Friday night, I might try to quickly post my feeling the night before I leave. Otherwise, I'll probably try to find some free wifi in Heathrow. Or just employ my usual tactic of leaving everything until the very last gasp and blog a bit on Sunday night when I'm in my place in Tokyo.

And now I'm too excited to sleep... :D

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