Thursday, 13 August 2009

Another one?!

Tokyo got another wee tremor just before 8.00am this morning. It made the floor rumble underneath where I was sitting and my rice cooker (which is balancing on top of my fridge) was wobbling about, but it thankfully only lasted about a minute or so. I think three earthquakes in one week is enough, thank you very much, Earth.

Lessons today were just as intense as yesterday and included some maths this time, too. The maths is dead simple but remembering the hundreds (okay, maybe about 40...) equations is going to be an absolute nightmare. I'm going to have to go and study in a minute and will be revising and practicing past paper questions all weekend. At least it will all be over by Wednesday afternoon. I'm already planning on going for a celebratory manicure - you can get a decent one for only £8! Actually, I bought some pretty crazy fake nails when I was shopping in Venus Fort yesterday, and I fully intend to get my nails done Shibuya-girl-style before coming home.

I've eventually got around to setting up a flickr account so that everyone at home can see my photos and won't be subjected to a ridiculously long slide-show when I get back. I've taken far too many and only managed to upload about half so far. Check them out here. I'm continually adding more every day and put them up in the same groups I uploaded from my cameras, i.e. the order is a bit messed up at times. A nice way to look at them is by area on my map. Enjoy!

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