Saturday, 1 August 2009


Friday was a day of food. I have never consumed so much in one day in my life. I just kept telling myself that I was making up for hardly being able to eat anything when I was ill :)

I got taken out for lunch again to Benihanas for some tepanyaki. We sat around a huge hot plate and our own chef came along and fried Japanese tenderloin steak and beansprouts right in front of us - it was brilliant!

We got given delicious sauces to dip our steak in too and they made us wear paper bibs, just in case any of the food splashes up while the chef is cooking.

After work, I went out for dinner with people I had been working with last week. We headed out to a really good Korean restaurant in Akasaka - one of the credit guys is Korean and he apparently only eats there. This was great for us as he knew exactly what to order and we got loads of freebies too! Including free fried tongue, which I had no idea what type of animal it had previously belonged to. I tried kimchee for the first time and I am now a massive fan. Kimchee is smelly, spicy, fermented Korean cabbage and it's fantastic. I didn't take any photos of the food as there were so many different dishes, I would still be there taking pictures now...

We all headed out for some karaoke after stuffing our faces and I'm pretty sure the booth we were in would have smelt of kimchee after we left.

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